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When I referr to the dub I mean the English North American version of Sailor Moon (just in case you thought it was a different language, etc.). Also, I'm not sure if I am spelling "Lemure" right.  I think it's spelled that way but I have also seen it spelled "Lemur."

What's with the different ways of spelling and pronouncing the trio's names?

I have seen the trio's names spelled different ways, in my opinion there really isn't a right or wrong way to spell it.

Here are some different ways to spell/pronounce there names:

Fish Eye, Fishs Eye, Fish's Eye, Fishs' Eye

Hawk Eye, Hawks Eye, Hawk's Eye, Hawks' Eye

Tiger Eye, Tigers Eye, Tiger's Eye, Tigers' Eye

I prefer to spell it with an "s" and leave out the apostrophe since an apostrophe makes it possessive and these are their names.


What gender is Fish Eye?

Fish Eye is male but in the dub he is referred to as female and has a female voice.


What gender is Zirconia?

Zirconia is male but in the dub he is referred to as male and has a male voice.


Where did the Amazon Trio come from?

The Amazon Trio were made by Zirconia out of a fish, tiger, and hawk. In the manga though, they are made by the Amzoness Quartet therefore the trio come after the quartet. In the Anime the Amazon Quartet come after the trio.


Does Fish Eye's victims know he's male such as in episode 135 where a male falls in love with him?

I'm not sure on this one. I'd guess that no one really knows that Fish Eye's male except for those associated with the Dead Moon Circus.


What are lemures?

A lemure is basically the monster-of-the-week/episode. If you are familiar with other seasons of Sailor Moon, they're equal to Cardians, Droids, etc. Lemures are referred to in the dub as a Remlis creature, etc.


What is a Remlis?

The same as a lemure (see answer above).


What is a dream mirror?

A dream mirror is what the trio looks in to see your dream(s). The mirror appears after one of the trio completes the attack sequence and says "three." It looks like a mirror with a pink boarder unless of course you have the golden dream mirror the trio is searching for. Once a trio member sticks their head through your mirror, they can see all you dreams and see if Pegasis is hiding there.


Why is The Dead Moon Circus after Pegasis?

Pegasis holds the power to take over the world and the power to release Nehelenia from the mirror. Sailor Moon gets her power in this season from Pegasis. That's why Sailor Mini Moon (Chibi Moon) calls upon pegasis so he can supply Sailor Moon's wand with enough power to defeat the Lemure (Remlis), etc.

If you have a question about Sailor Moon SuperS, email me and I will try my best to answer it but do remember, I haven't seen every episode of SuperS but I have read a lot about episodes I haven't seen.