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Hello! Hooray!
Tigers Eye


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Tigers Eye!

I adopted Tigers Eye!

Tigers Eye is considered to be the "Idiot." In my opinion, he's just a little too obsessed with himself (like all guys).  He is an animal trainer in the Dead Moon Circus, wich explains why he carries a whip.  He's pretty cute, though, except when he's in his costume at the bar. He looks like a total fag in then!!!

Tigers Eye attempts to charm his victims so they will fall passionately in love with him, but that never seems to work. Usually he makes a complete fool of himself then finally traps his victim. Of course, this is the part where Sailor Moon comes in and saves everyone, along with the help of the other scouts.

Tuxedo Mask saves the day...unfortunately!

Damn you, Tuxedo Mask! You can't beat me!!!!

Below is Tiger, about to look through his victim's dream mirror.

Surrender your dreams to me!

Tiger looks like a complete fool in this outfit! What was he thinking!!!

I challenge you!

Honestly, I'm not lying...

(Pictured below) Another stupid disguise.  He looks sooo retarded in this outfit, who would be attracted to him when he's acting like a nerd?!  If you've seen this episode you've probably noticed that he's flipping you off when he pushes up his glasses.  I guess in Japan they don't give the finger to people or know what it means.

I'm your new editor.

Some more pictures of Tiger.

I've got you right where I want you.

I'll show you.

I'll help you say goodbye, to this miserable life!

Show me your dreams!

What the...

There better not be anyone hotter than me here!

You'll never get anywhere if you don't like girls.