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Here are quotes I took from some of the Super S videos I have (all of them are English dubs).  Thought's of the characters are included and put in italics, speech is everything else that is in normal font.

Fish Eye

"You're buggin' it, you think a beautiful dreamer would ever think of ruling the world?"
"Now, wake up Remlis!"

(says this to Tigers Eye) "Are you nuts? No way would I ever have any interest in you!!!"


"Why not take over now?"


"I'm not interested in women anyway."


"I feel like I'm Zirconia's puppet.  What's the big deal if we have questions?  We just want to know what we are doing this for."

Tigers Eye

"Now Pegasus may be but a shadow in this world, but he lives in some sucker's dream."
"You can't get away from me!"

"Target in sight, I recognize the raven hair.  Time to turn on the charm and get inside that pretty head."


"Now for some good dreamin'."


"Too bad they weren't interested in chasing sailor pumpkins or that Pegasus.  Whatever, if I catch Pegasus all by myself, then I'll get all the credit."


"You've finally come, sailor pumpkins."


"Most of the fans for this type of novel, would be girls.  I'm not sure there aren't too many major hot guys like me.  She'll be mine."


"Zilch, big dreams for a bright future, but no Pegasus anywhere in the dreamscape.  Another dead end that has to be closed for good, to prevent him from sneaking in after I'm gone."


"Tenko, you must prepare to terminate them all."


(says this to Fish Eye) "I wonder, just maybe...I'm more your type of guy?"


"Oh, man I'm bored.  I wish I could skip this and go on sailor pumpkins and Pegasus right now.  Soon enough, patience Tigers Eye."


"I'll help you say good-bye to this miserable life."


"I'm not here for help, I came here for love.  I've fallen for a young lady, who just happens to be you, my dear."


"Well, It's just not a party without pumpkins."


"Can-it, Fish!"


"If Pegasus isn't here, I'll eat my hat."


"I'm declaring a sudden love for you, and your not even listening to me, how rude!!!"


"I'm gone."

Hawks Eye

"I'm guessing that Pegasus must have some kind of magical power that will make ruling the world more fun."


"What's so special besides the fact that he's a horse who flies?"


(sees a picture of Raye) "Nice hair."


"All you people care about is how you look. Your heads are balloons, they're empty and they float around not knowing what to do." (says this to the trio, of course)


"Pegasus is still powerful, if the person's who's dreams he lives in found out about his powers and tried to control him, he would leave them, and find another."


"I can't rule the world unless you find Pegasus!"

Remlis Monsters

Magician Tenko: "Thank you, I just have to set my little timer."
Magician Tenko: "Why you horrible little wretches!"

If anyone has pictures of any of the Remlis monsters, please email them to me so i can post them on my site (of course, i will give you full credit and state so, on my site), thanks.