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In the first episode of Sailor Moon SuperS, an eclipse occurs in Tokyo that allows the Dead Moon Circus to sneak in undetected.  All members of the Dead Moon Circus live, or spend a lot of time in, the tent that hovers/floats/etc. over Tokyo.  The trio enjoy spending time at the bar there, drinking and looking at pictures of their next victims.  The leader of the Circus is Queen Neherenia who is a female that lives in mirrors.  Her mission is to find Pegasus and take the golden crystal so she can make herself eternally beautiful so she doesn't have to stay in the mirror forever.  She appoints Zirconia, an elderly women (a man in the dub), second in command.  Zirconia then creates the Amazon Trio out of a fish, tiger, and a hawk (after the trio fail, the Amazon Quartet take over in there place).  The trio's mission is to trap their victims and look through their dream mirror to see if Pegasus is hiding there.  Pegasus can only exist in the mythical world but he can travel through a persons dreams.  Zircon, an eye with wings, fly's around taking pictures of likely targets and then brings them back to the trio so they can select their target (some times Zirconia selects them for the trio).  Then one of the trio members sets out in search of their target and befriends them.  They then say 1...2...3 and a board or coffin shaped thing appears behind the victim and straps appear around their arms and legs so they can't get away, then their dream mirror appears and the trio member looks through it.  Then, as usual, there's no Pegasus so they have to destroy their victim or Pegasus might try to sneak in their dreams after the trio leave.  This is about the time Sailor Moon and Mini Moon come and stop them.  Then the "monster-of-the-week/day" is called upon by the trio member.  In the dub they are refferred to as a Remlis, but in the Japanese version they are Lemures (I'm not sure if that's the proper way to spell it).  Lemures are all circus related and are mostly female, but most of Fish Eye's tend to be male.  The Lemure then battles against the scouts.  After calling a few attacks, etc. Sailor Mini Moon calls upon Pegasus also know as Twinkle Yell.  Pegasus then provides the power Sailor Moon needs, to defeat the Lemure.  This is when Sailor Moon says: "Moon Gorgeous Meditation!"  The Lemure is defeated, the day is saved, and the trio end up back to square one at the bar.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS

The Dead Moon Circus Tent

The Tent

The tent during the day



Master Zirconia

The Amazon Trio

The Amazon Trio!

The Amazon Quartet

The Amazon Quartet


The Sailor Scouts


A Dream Mirror

A general dream mirror

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